Top 10 Movie Scenes that Became Internet Memes

If you like it then you better put a meme on it today we’re counting down our pics for the top 10 movie scenes that became internet memes for this list we’re focusing on the fabric of our snarky internet lives and all those little moments in cinema that help us convey our feelings to the digital

10 What if I told you – The matrix :

what if we told you that Morpheus doesn’t actually say “what if I told you in the matrix” yes it’s true as this meme is more like a mix of two scenes with the words inspired by the exchange about the blue and red pills and the image usually taken from when the captain dropped some bullet knowledge on his new recruit neo this soon became the perfect backdrop for anyone to convey a transcendent message or to effectively become their own captain, Captain Obvious and the purveyor of surrealistic ideas while the meme is sometimes altered with different screen caps the essential concept behind it is the same.

9. Everywhere- Toy Story :

Sheriff woody suffered a mild panic attack in John Lasseter’s Pixar sequel Buzz Lightyear served as the calming force with tales of delicious hot according to the internet he was actually conveying a universal message depending on what type of text one decides to insert for example we might
say spammers spammers everywhere at least when it comes to our comment section but you get the idea this meme is perfect to describe a world filled with something that you don’t particularly care for.

8. Am I the only one around here angry WalterThe Big Lebowski :

Okay so there are some basic truths in life that are often overlooked for example you don’t step over the effing line when you bowl just ask Walter Sobchak who unleashed his wrath upon a startled
friend in the Coen brothers acclaimed comedy in the world of memes this scene allows frazzled webbie’s to express their inner anguish over something serious or perhaps not so much but given the nature of the scene this meme can be easily taken out of context so please meme away with caution otherwise you’ll be the focus of the same meme about someone who doesn’t understand the appropriate way to create inappropriate memes .

7. Conspiracy Keanu Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Dudes if you are as intellectually challenged as these two bros you’d look like this two ,decades upon decades movie goers have associated Keanu Reeves with this airhead performance and it was the inspiration for endless what-if means that can be applied to just about anything though usually the captions lean toward paranoia and silly theoretical questions what if none of
you are actually real but just a set of numbers and names dude what if .

6.You don’t say – vampires kiss

Leave it to Nicolas Cage to inspire one of the Internet’s most sarcastic memes. in the
1989 cult classic our favorite oddball actor transforms into a paranoid being and proceeds to lose his shit well he never utters the phrase you don’t say the screencap of his face in one particular scene is perfect for a meme to capture the essence of one’s pure disbelief about something so obvious it’s an essential meme for any aspiring snark elliptic as you can never go wrong with a crazy Nicolas Cage face as the visual complement to a well-written joke.

5. This is sparta 300

We all fight personal battles in one way or another whether it’s keeping the bathroom stocked with toilet paper ,behold this is sparta this is a meme full of intensity and this is how we feel on the busiest days at the office like few other memes this one brings a heightened sense of fury

4.That has escalited quickly anchorman The Legend of Ron Burgundy

so this particular meme comes in handy when one finds him or herself perplexed or perhaps surprisingly enthusiastic about the time frame of a certain event it’s actually quite amazing.


3. Condescending creepy Wonka Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:

uh a world of pure imagination well maybe not at least for some of us known as either the
condescending Wonka or the creepy wakka in some internet circles this meme is meant for that special someone that doesn’t know when to stop or for someone that likes to Chronicle their lunchtime excursions with vivid imagery and details about what they happen to eat that day that’s when old Willy shows up to show his pure indifference to the situation.

2.One does not simply-The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring

Just as every knowledgeable movie fan understands that Sean Bean dies in pretty much every big-screen appearance everyone damn sure knows that you can’t just stroll into the mountainous Mordor “one does not simply walk into Mordor it’s black gates are guarded by more than just orcs that is evil there that does not sleep” and with such a basic concept a momentous meme emerged one that carries the weight of such a powerful statement and drives home one’s point with clarity for example one does not simply break internet.


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