Top 10 Anime that Everyone Needs to Watch- Beginners

10. Tokyo Ghoul :

Tokyo ghoul is an anime that really captured a lot of fans in the summer season and suddenly came out of nowhere to become the fan favorite anime of 2014 so what makes it so captivating to such a massive audience why Tokyo ghoul became one of animes were popular Tokyo ghoul follows the story of kaneki Kenton an average college student whose date with a beautiful woman goes awry when she is revealed to be interested in his body in more ways than one the woman named Riza is a ghoul and in fact the infamous binge eater ghoul of the 20th Ward which kaneki calls home ghouls are a race of humanoid creatures that survive by basically being Hannibal Lecter and eating actual people after being crushed by some beans kana Eyes life has changed not only has it become half cool thanks to having breezes organs transplanted in him he’s also dealing with an entirely new world that suddenly been opened up to his eyes one.

9. Code Geass :

Lelouch of the rebellion blessed with the power of Geass the ability to make others do what he demands the Britannia wages war against his father the king of Britannia disguised as a terrorist named zero the plot of Code Geass is a bit denser than that though however it’s also lightning-fast insuring you’ll be entertained episode after episode whether it’s the genius of Lelouch tactics the stylish and fun Mecca battles or the last-minute revelations before the episodes end this anime willvhave you locked in your seat throughout be sure at least to get through the end of season 1 which is considered to be one of the best cliffhangers in anime.

8. Bleach :

It’s a bummer being a teenager it’s even worse when you have to spend your free time defeating evil spirits and showing dead people the way to the afterlife  that’s the problem for ichigo kurosaki star of bleach he’s an ordinary guy who suddenly becomes a grim reaper headstrong and rash ichigo doesn’t always pick the easiest way to do his job but he does pick the most interesting you guys catch on fast.

7. Steins Gates :

Time speak time travel isn’t the easiest phenomenon to tackle but this anime series manages to capture it perfectly that concludes my reasoning sure the power sounds great in theory but it can be confusing and painful to deal with especially if you’re trying to save someone care about that’s the feeling we get as we watch then self-proclaimed mad scientist for entire “Okabe go back numerous circumstances trying to save somebody near him”.

6. One piece:

One piece as stated in our best of series one piece is an anime Titan that simply cannot be defined by a single decade but it is certainly one of the greatest of all time standing out as the best-selling series in Japan and also learning insurmountable success in the greater world The Adventures of monkey D Luffy and the straw hat pirates to tip the masses pondering all the big mysteries what is the one piece who will be the king of the Pirates will the series ever end well it’s probably not but we’re not complaining.

One-piece Pirates run rampant in one piece and so does the pure unadulterated sense of innocent adventure monkey D Luffy our young hero hunts the world in search of One Piece Treasure.

5. Attack on Titan :

This show is far from a secret with an explosive first season that has fans of the show and the manga begging for more the recently released live-action two-part film didn’t receive as stellar reviews as the television show but for this list we’re only looking at the show in the show we follow The Adventures of Eren Yeager who enlists in the military alongside his foster sister and friends after Aaron’s mother was brutally eaten by a Titan that breached their walls if you can’t handle sudden and frequent deaths of what appear to be very important characters this show is not for you as the characters drop like flies before you rise in this immensely exciting show I would have rank this show higher but with only one season under its belt I felt like some of the longer running shows were more deserving for their consistency.

4.One Punch Man

Do you like supernatural heroes so powerful that it borders on being laughable well we have just the thing as the titular one punch man Saitama is a costume hero who lives up to his nickname by defeating every opponent he comes across with a single blow by breaking apart your typical anime cliches in favor of solid comedy and stellar visuals not to mention increasingly crazy super villains for Saitama to battle the premise works like a charm we’d also recommend watching the likes of mob cycle 100 if you want to see more from the same creator.

3.  Dragon Ball Z :

Dragon Ball Z don’t you come any closer look how to use this sign sure the jury started in 1989 but it only really got going in the 90s let’s face it this was the action anime of the 90s even with its laughable edit even non anime fans go clueless regardless of whether or not it was about that generalization of him having a strong set of lungs from all that yelling this series was less about finding the Dragonball and more about rooting for your favorite z fighters years later we’re still rocking the dragon ball super.
This is the show that started it all for me as a younger kid in elementary school Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z were amongst my favorite television shows I spent countless hours drawing the characters poorly I might add but nonetheless my friends and I would talk non-stop about which characters were more powerful than one another while sprinting home to make sure we got home in time to watch it keep in mind this was before you could download stream or even record a show easily goddamn I love technology these days VHS was horrible I can clearly remember like it was yesterday the first time we witnessed Goku turn into the Super Saiyan form it was a life-changing moment that made me nearly shit myself as a kid.

2. Naruto & Naruto Shippuden:

Adolescence is never easy especially when your body is the prison of a ferocious demon and everyone in your village knows still courageous slightly knuckleheaded now tutto is determined toearn the love of his town by becoming its most powerful ninja it’s incredibly popular animé ran for 220 episodes in its original form then spawned another long-running sequel in Naruto Shippuden the show that follows Naruto as a younger kid ridiculously fast although I did have some help by skipping the filler episodes for those of you unfamiliar with filler episodes they’re basically episodes that don’t involve any progression in the main story arc or characters in order to stall the show to prevent overlap that could cause problems for both the show and the manga this show is incredibly exciting with twists and turns around every corner that will have you binge watching like crazy but I definitely recommend watching the show in Japanese the American version has some really weak voice acting including the main hero Naruto being really annoying.

1. Death Note:

Death Note piece of advice don’t read notebook left by gods of death unless you’re ready to face the consequences in Death Note seventeen-year-old Yagami Lite delves into one such notebook and he suddenly has the power to cleanse the world of evil but having the power of a God has its downside as yogami soon learns .
Death note is one of my favorite television shows of all time whether it’s anime or not it’s an incredibly sophisticated and intelligent show that leaves you on the edge of your seat at all times in Death Note you follow a young and bored genius named light who discovers the Death Note a notebook that kills anyone whose name is written in it after some experimentation light is joined by the notebooks previous owner ryuk a Shinigami or the god of deathafter the experimentations light begins utilizing the Death Note to exterminate people he considers to be immoral and unjust to ultimately create a utopia that he would proclaim himself to be God after the deaths of numerous criminals Interpol and an equally genius detective named L play one of the most exciting games of cat-and-mouse on television there are only 37 ,20-minute episodes so this show is easy to pick up and binge watch over a week or so.

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