Fantasy World : If You Could Stop Time?


What would happen if you could stop time?

If you ask someone what they do on the off chance that you could stop time You’d most likely get various unsettling answers relying upon how perverted the person really is” but this question may be completely irrelevant because if you could prevent the inevitable tide of Seconds minutes hours and days from washing over you It’s likely you may not be able to do much of anything at all as we’re about to find out .

3. You can’t see :

If we are to suspend belief and Imagine that you could stop time, and we need to pull some ground rules out about buttocks to make it work the first problem We’d encounter in a world without time is the problem of light if time stops Every photon would be suspended Rendering you unable to see until you moved forwards

This would happen with air as well You’d have to run around catching air molecules in your mouth forcing them down into your lungs with some kind of wand Since those little fellas ain’t capable of moving.

Everyone and everything would be stuck still in a world without time and you’d require an interaction with physical objects such as oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the air If you want to move these would have to move too if they can’t you’re stuck where you are Also, if you somehow miraculously stopped all time and were able to continue moving this might be the catalyst to start time up Again your movement and that of anything around you could kick off a chain reaction which causes time to spread back into your reality

“If you’re in a spaceship somehow going close to the speed of light Time will only be seen to have slowed down once you stop to compare instruments to a relative object which remains stationary while you traveled? Both you and your pals back home would have felt no difference whatsoever This is what would happen on a planet if time were slowed down or stopped completely?Nobody not a single human soul would be aware of what was going on The only people who knew would be those who were observing”

2. You’re basically invisible or everywhere

In our previous entry we described how time would slow down if you traveled fast enough If you could achieve the impossible and move at lightspeed you could therefore stop time progressing outside of your ship relative to you

As We’ve already explained time wouldn’t actually stop for anyone else But it would seem to have done so once you’ve slowed down and returned to Earth and compared yourself to a stationary object

But what if you never stopped? What if you came back to Earth and carried on moving at light speed? Let’s Say Scott Kelly goes into space and travels it slower than lightspeed for a Few years His brother Mark would have a hard time tracking him as he travels at a super-fast speed But he’d nevertheless be able to observe him depending on just how fast he’s going

That last part is the kicker because if Scott travels at light speed And he did so in proximity to his brother would mark even be able to see him He’d be moving at the speed of light, so he’d either appear invisible, or he’d Instantaneously be everywhere and everything at once Imagine that your own sibling fills the room ubiquitously with his presence That’s got to make for a weird family Christmas

1. You might break the universe


If you were able to create a device which stopped time in one part of the universe It’s highly likely that whatever you did would cause the universe to behave in new and Bizarre ways

Let’s imagine you’ve enveloped the entire Earth in a bubble of frozen space-time How would the universe react to this considering the fact that our planet is currently orbiting the sun at? 67,000 miles per hour the Sun also drags us through the Galaxy at 500,000 miles per hour which itself is moving at 1.3 million miles per hour through our local galactic group

When we consider our position relative to the cosmic background radiation of the universe? We can calculate that our entire local group of galaxies is shifting through space at around 14 Octillion miles per hour

so if one particular point in space-time just stops dead in the middle of all this it doesn’t move it doesn’t interact and Refuses to budge no matter what it comes up against then what happens to everything which surrounds it does all matter space and time just pile up against the side if So then this would create a huge explosion at the very least

At worst Distortions in space-time often caused black holes within which space-time is also distorted and stopped at the singularity so a big blob of zero Space-time could result in time being stopped outside of the bubble or even the reversal of time itself In truth we have no idea exactly how this would work Because as you may have guessed Nobody has ever successfully stopped time, but if we wanted to try how might we do it ?


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