How do we know how old the earth is ?

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Scientists had worked out how the earth first formed from a cloud of dust in space but they were missing a vital
piece of the puzzle they still did not know the age of the earth And today’s question is: How old is Earth? Our best estimate is that the planet is 4.54 billion years old, give or take 50 million years.It’s taken scientists hundreds of years to narrow it down to that range.So the better question really is, “How do we know how old Earth is?” Well, for a long time,breakthrough came in 1897 when physicist Ernest Rutherford figured ut that measuring radioactive decay could accurately date the age of rocks scientists just looked for the oldest parts of the planet’s surface and then determined the age of the rocks there.rock samples from around the globe were found to be not just Thousands but Millions of years old.

The thing is, Earth is always churning around the plates that make up its surface, forming new crust and recycling older crust into the planet’s interior.So, most rocks on the surface today are an average of 100 million years old. But geologists have found older rocks, mostly those that were once in the deepest layers of the crust, but then got thrust upward before they could be recycled.

1. The Acasta Gneiss: Earth’s Oldest Surface Rock

The oldest of these are the Acasta Gneisses in northwestern Canada.By measuring the amounts of radioactive isotopes of elements in the rock, scientists were estimate their age at 4.04 billion years old. But to find the oldest material of any kind on Earth, you have to go to Western Australia, where geologists have discovered crystals of zircon in sedimentary rocks.

2. Zircon :The Oldest Material on Earth


Zircon contains “Uranium, which decay at a fixed, estimated rate, so geologic use was able to determine that crystals are 4.3 billion years old.”. So, evidence like this tells us that Earth must be at least four billion years old.But we’ve found even more clues to Earth’s age … in space.



3. A Rock From Moon Surface  :

The moon isn’t geologically active like Earth is, so material from its surface can be dated pretty reliably.And the moon rocks brought back from the Apollo missions have been found to be 4.4 to 4.5 billion years old. Since the moon formed about the same time as Earth, that helps narrow down Earth’s age even further.
Then there are meteorites which come from lots of different sources in space, but many are leftover debris from the formation of
the solar system. And sure enough, more than 70 meteorites have been dated to the same exact range as the moon rocks, 4.4 to 4.5 billion years ago.So you put all this evidence together and our little Earth is pretty old.So thanks for googling that.

Whats our Thought on How old the Earth is ?

Here I Think if Nasa Brings a mineral rock from Moons core to earth, We Might get… lets leave this question here .

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