Our Approach

This World is full of fun and interesting people , but you dont know where to find there are many large and small scale organisation , that are trying to make people happy . Show them Interesting Things Related to their day to day life . We Have Same Idea

Our Story

Yes Life Teaches you lesson Every Day , Our Story so messed up . Don’t know where to Start From Still , Currently we are having Few Facebook Pages which will sooner or later will group to millions of follower currently we are at 125k Likes .

Meet the Team

When You Your Childhood Friends as a Team , Things Get easy for them at least . As only one guy do all the work.



Shanks ElpsyCongro

Founder & CEO

As Soon As I know who I am ill let you guys know. Sorry For That


Aka Dada

Vice President

This is Neither my Real Picture nor my Real Name .I’m Ugly AF . Sorry for that.


Timothy Barrett


Yes I’m the laziest guy in the group.


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