12 Famous Internet Memes And What They Look Like Today


1. Success kid

Success kids name is Sammy Greiner when his mother Lainey posted this adorable photo of her son in 2007 she never expected it to be so popular the photo became extremely popular and the picture earned a great deal of money online in fact it was enough money the family could afford for Sammy’s father Justin Greiner to have a life-saving kidney transplant had the photo not become so famous his father likely would not have lived. today sammy is a good-looking kid who enjoys time with his father that his meme made possible.

 2. Disaster girl

This photo of Zoe Roth was taken by her father Dave in January of 2004 in the background is a photo of a training session designed to help the local fire department when people saw the photo after it was published in the jpg magazine they believed that the adorable little girl was in the middle of a disaster people wondered what was happening to the little girl and how was possible that she was able to crack a little smile during such a disaster it became a very popular photo on the Internet today Zoe is a 16 year old high school student

3.Scumbag Steve

this photo became very popular online in 2011 it was taken for the cover of the album for a rap group called Beantown mafia the odd man’s name is Blake Boston it didn’t take long before this photo became the subject of some very popular memes today Blake is 7 years older and he has a lot better fashion sense according to the star of the mean it was his mother who took that photo he doesn’t seem to be as much of a wannabe gangster today as he once was he’s also a father now and he’s pursuing a music career

4. Bad luck Brian

the bad luck Brian meme was actually a photo of a college student named Kyle Craven it was posted online by one of his classmates in 2012 and it quickly became a very popular meme when the photo was taken Kyle says that the photo had to be reshot several times because his teachers thought that he was making a goofy face on purpose in reality he was just trying to smile for the camera today kyle is 6 years older and he has continued at the meme he now makes funny YouTube videos and he has his own Facebook page

 5. Side ID Chloe

The photo of this little girl Chloe went viral and then became a popular meme after her parents uploaded a video of her to YouTube in 2012 her parents told her and her sister Chloe that they were going to Disneyland her older sister Lilly is thrilled but Chloe has a puzzled expression she doesn’t understand her sister’s excitement about the trip well soon after she starts crying today Chloe is 5 years older and she seems a lot happier than she did when she became a famous meme

6. Overly attached girlfriend

Lena Walker created a video in 2012 when Justin Bieber announced a contest to enter the contest she had to upload a photo of herself onto YouTube singing his popular song boyfriend because of her huge eyes and the fact that she looks a little creepy she gained a great deal of attention from Internet users and soon she became a famous meme well here it is 6 years later and she has decided to poke fun at herself she posted a photo of herself online with the same crazy eyes and holding a cake that reads forever and holding a very big knife hey at least she can laugh at herself today you know judging by the second photo she’s also a fan of half naked selfies and she has her own YouTube channel too


7. outraged girl

The little girl in this very famous internet meme is actress Mia teller II so the photo was taken from a shot from the Disney Channel series good luck charlie in 2010 after becoming famous for her internet meme she continued to work on good luck charlie until 2014 she also starred in photographic memory in 2017 she also appeared as herself on so random and jojos juice her stardom online and on television also got her a gig as an announcer on the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in 2013 and 2014 and on the Radio Disney Music Awards will probably be seeing a lot more of this adorable little girl in the future.

8. Dissatisfied Mikayla

During the London Olympics in 2012 gymnast mckayla maroney was sure that she had won the gold when the winners were announced she realized that something went wrong and she won the silver medal instead will this left her very confused and disappointed as she just couldn’t hide it after her photo went viral online it became the subject of hundreds of internet memes today she’s 21 years old all grown up and she is retired from gymnastics due to health issues when last we heard she was working towards a career as a singer and a songwriter number.

9 Good guy Greg

there is little that we know about the man behind good  guy Greg all we know is that his photo became a very popular internet meme what we do know is that he got his start on 4chan it also is said that he is a commercial fisherman but well that’s under dispute what we do know is that today he looks older and he has a full head of curly hair

10. First world problems girl

There have been a variety of variations of this meme each one funnier than the last it first appeared on BuzzFeed as an image macro after it was moved to a meme generator the rest became history the girl behind this popular meme is Sylvia boo teeny she’s an actress and a model from furry’s Italy over the years she has done a few commercials she’s appeared in Romeo and Juliet Alice in Wonderland had a few other projects she’s got a long way since she was one of the most popular memes on the Internet.


11. Ridiculously photogenic guy

This internet meme started out as a photo of 25 year old zeti little who was
running in a 10k in Charleston South Carolina a photographer who was working at the event took a picture of zeti and it all took off from there he became a huge internet sensation and women all
around the world wanted to know who this handsome guy was he was even interviewed
on Good Morning America at the height ofhis fame today his meme is still circulating but he’s living a relatively normal life he’s no longer being interviewed by top morning shows in the country however he will never forget the 15 minutes of fame or the millions of women who fell in love with him.


 12.Suddenly clarity Clarence


this photo started out as a photo that was submitted to the Australia Associated Press when they were covering the schoolies Festival in Australia the  photo was taken on November 23rd 2011 and it didn’t take long before the photo went viral with the caption oh my god dubstep sucks soon different captions were used but they all had basically the same ideas today the subject of the photo is just an average guy who still loves concerts and music festivals

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