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    10 Famous Actors Who Refused Iconic Movie Roles

    One of the downsides of being an actor is Being an actor is that you’re not going to be able to take every role you’re presented with.Unless you’re Christopher Walken, who seemingly does take every role he’s offered.As a result we’ve seen a lot of instances where actors could have played certain roles,some of them […] More

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    10 Famous Actors Who Refused Important Marvel Roles

    10 Famous Actors Who Refused Important Marvel Roles  It seems like every major actor in Hollywood has been sucked into the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe these days.Between sequels and reboots, Marvel has a huge cast of heroes, villains, and every character in between. Some heroes, like Spider-Man and the Hulk,are now on their third actor. But you might […] More

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    How The Black Point Message Crashes Android Apps

      There is a WhatsApp message going round that crashes the app when you touch the black point within it. And it’s a regular, everyday text rendering bug in Android. WhatsApp is just how it’s spreading. And I wasn’t going to talk about it, because text rendering bugs are now pretty commonplace and pretty dull. […] More

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    Fantasy World : If You Could Stop Time?

      What would happen if you could stop time? If you ask someone what they do on the off chance that you could stop time You’d most likely get various unsettling answers relying upon how perverted the person really is” but this question may be completely irrelevant because if you could prevent the inevitable tide of Seconds […] More

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    10 Upcoming Marvel Movies : After Infinity War

    Infinity War may feel like the peak to the Marvel film universe, however it’s just going imprint a fresh start. There are a huge number of Marvel flicks booked to hit silver screens throughout the following couple of years. As establishments proceed to develop and extend their lists, it’s getting harder to monitor everything that […] More

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    Deadpool 2 spoiler alert….read at your own risk…..!

    As per tittle it is about deadpool 2 the movie coming ahead so here we go some spoilers for you read at your own risk. Blogger Jeremy Conrad took to Twitter over the weekend to announce that someone close to him saw a test screening for Deadpool 2 and revealed that the initial reaction was […] More

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